About Planet B.E.N.

Since 1983 the DJ and Producer Planet B.E.N. is influencing the electronic music scene and is playing all over the world. His projects Planet B.E.N., Organic Noise and several others are highly respected throughout the world. The music business considers his productions to be extremely potent, of best quality, well produced and always inovative and reliable. His style is pumping, deep and absoutely full of trance. He has produced with many well known bands and artists, had chart hits and appeared various times on Radioshows, TV (Viva, MTV) and had uncounted coverages in the print media (Wax Magazine, Spex, Max etc.). His sets at the side of almost all famous Trance-Acts and producers in the electronic music scene underline his worlwide status and international reputation.About the releases until “trip to transylvania” all his productions are in collaboration with X-Dream. Also he has various releases on Tip Records, Twisted, Flying Rhino Records, Naja, Superstition, Nova-Tekk., in collaboration as projects like “Organic Noise” with Jan from X-Dream on Tip Records, “ProjektX” with Markus from X-Dream and a project with Spiralkinder, Synchro, Gus Till.

U.S.A., / Australia / New Zealand / Singapore / Taiwan / Zambia / Japan / Mexico / Brazil / U.K. / Costa Rica / Tasmania / Norway / Sweden / Finland / Danmark / Poland / Rumania / Ungary / CZ / Spain / Greece / Portugal / France / Belgium / Holland / Switzerland / Austria / Croatia / Israel / Russia / Canada / Bulgaria / Marocco / Argentina / Macedonia etc.

Zap (Tokyo) / Ageha (Tokyo) / CC Halls (San Francisco) / Venus (Tokyo) / Shelter (N.Y.) / Rimmel (Mexico) / Geopolice (Tokyo) / Amnesia (Athens) / Front (Hamburg) / Soma Club (Playa Del Carmen), Soda Club (Athens) / Club JB´s (Nagoa) / Unit (Hamburg) / Tresor (Berlin) / Cave Club (Salzburg) / Area 51 (Toronto) / Rados FX (Praha) / Docklands (Stockholm) / La Lokomotive (Paris) / Rex Club (Paris) / Prince of Wales (Melbourne), Paladium (Sydney), Kundalini Club (Kopenhagen) / Loveparade (Berlin) / Orpheum (Dortmund) / Freudenhaus (Bremen) / Brainstorm (Hamburg) / Bunker (Berlin) / Deep Club (Israel) / Walfisch (Berlin) / Tribehouse (Neuss) / Pulverturm (Munich) / Planet (Bochum) / Riff (Bochum) / Zeche (Bochum) / Cult (Arnsberg) / ACC-Hallen (Cologne) / Rhenania (Cologne) / NRG Club (Rhodos) / Cyber House (Hannover) Phonodrome etc.

Earthcore (Australia) / Arvica-Festival (Sweden) / Good Bless Trance (Japan) / Street Parade (Switzerland) / Zoom Festival (Switzerland) / Lovefield Festival (Germany) / VOOV Experience (Germany) / Burning Man (U.S.A.) / Shiva Moon (Germany) / Planetary Nation Festival (Japan) / Visionquest (Japan) / Arcadia Festival (Japan) / Tekknotanz (France) / Pooja / Free Form / Waldheim / Spiritzone Festival / Zytanien / U-Site / Trance Mission (Austria) / Love Parade (Germany) / Cosmic Trigger (Germany) / Gaia (France) etc.